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System Failure

February 22, 2013

You know, I read this headline and I’m far from surprised.

Does anyone remember when the last time was Republicans actually stood up for anything? They cave on budget issues, social issues, foreign affairs issues, liberty issues, etc. and not once do we get anything back. Are we trading a pass vote for this assclown Hagel for removing silencers, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns from the NFA list? Or a cut to welfare, food stamps or other socialist federal programs? HAHA You and I can only dream of having statesmen with the ability to successfully barter good deals with our communist opponents, hell right now I’d settle for statesmen willing to call their opponents by their true bright RED nomenclature.

Instead we get to sit back and enjoy the saber rattling that our politicians do knowing it’s all a show. We are represented ladies and gentlemen by a bloody great herd of peacocks. All feathers, no balls.  And this is why we continue to slide away from the things that made America great once, and more and more into the social, political and cultural morass that is slowly killing everything that used to make this a wonderful country, the best country.

We are watching a system failure and without real opposition by the Republican elected officials at the federal level there is no way for mere public opinion and outcry to stop or even slow down the Obama machine. Every single Senator and every single Representative with a very, very few exceptions need to be primaried out of office next election. Because the vast, vast majority of folks in DC supposedly fighting for good ole’ American values are either fighting for the other side, or totally worthless.

The same goes for the entire Republican leadership, they need to go, all of them, from the State leadership on up. Its baby out with the bathwater time, cause due to total lack of any signs of life I’m pretty sure that thing drowned a couple decades ago. Its slash and burn time, every elected official should face a primary challenge and every single race in every single county needs to have opposition, I don’t care if its a well loved Sheriff, judge or mayor, if they run as a Democrat, run someone against them. If its a worthless no-spine republican, run someone against them in the primary, and if you lose there run an independent against them in the general election. Its time for an ideological purge. If you aren’t one of us, you are the enemy and were gonna run you out of town.

Audentes fortuna iuvat

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