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…there ought to be a law

May 8, 2013

One of the speakers at the NRA convention talked about the same thing I’ve said for a while; the left wins because they live and breathe their fanaticism, the rest of us have real lives and don’t like to be mired in politics.

This article is amazingly absurd, its open propaganda! I don’t know which is worse, the idea it puts forward implicitly that parents should not be allowed to pass on their ideals, morals, values and hobbies to their young children or the explicit attempt to connect all children back to the shooting in December last year. Its just insane that this is written in an American newspaper basically vilifying those who observe and promote a basic human right and a fundamental right enshrined in the US constitution.

And they act the same when it comes to Religion and Education. I saw an article not too many days ago and I find it highly upsetting! Not because the author of this obvious propaganda disagrees with homeschooling and is obviously and painfully trying to stereotype all homeschoolers into what they want to portray as a abusive situation (they even use the word “endure” to refer to one girl’s life as a homeschooler). No what bothered me is that for these people, these busy bodied, nosy neighbor type weasels the solution to every problem they see is to layer on some extra helpings of Government! It solves every problem! Even those that don’t exist… especially those that don’t exist.

Poor little peoples, they didn’t like their upbringing where they were loved and cared for, taught morals and values and a worldview consistent with that of both their parents who were very interested in their lives. Sounds awful doesn’t it?

Government is not the answer, it almost never is but especially when it comes to caring parents educating and preparing their children it never is.

And its not like homeschooling creates some of or most of the best educated, smartest, most successful people in American society today all without any input or “assistance” from the government.
Oh wait haha! yes it is, my mistake I was thinking of public school.

The problem here, isn’t what the problem these nasty busy bodies who want to run everyone’s lives think it is. The problem is not guns, homeschooling, pervasive religion, or intolerance the problem is people who want to run everyone’s lives. Who want government to step in and make sure everyone is the same, quantifiable, known, measured and indoctrinated in state ideology. They cannot abide it when gun folks raise their kids to be gun folks, Gothardite quiver full folks raise their kids to be likewise or normal Christian folks raise their kids to believe in God, Heaven, hell and creation. And they attack free folk with propaganda from their 100,000 watt bull horn all the time.

Free people are different, we raise our kids differently, we believe differently and we are bloody well heavily armed (and so are our kids for that matter) its a dangerous and crazy life but its better and provides for just a little bit of happiness unlike anything experienced anywhere else or anywhen else on earth.  And we just want to live our quiet lives in peace but we keep getting blasted by this bloody 100,000 watt bull horn and its getting pretty darn annoying. … there aught to be a law…

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  1. May 11, 2013 12:23 am

    A) Gothordites are crazy.
    B) 30 out of 1500000 (really more because of turnover) didn’t like homeschooling, yep headline news worthy.

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