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Why HB 972 is a bad idea (as written)

May 29, 2013

You all know that I am a stringent supporter of “more guns everywhere all the time”  and that one of the major infringements upon us as gun owners is that we cannot carry into some locations, specifically in the case being dealt with in Texas HB 972 onto college and university campuses.

Now on its face HB 972 would allow CHL licensees to carry onto college and university campuses, however there is a section specifically section 46.035 b which states:

The president or other chief executive officer of an
institution of higher education in this state, on behalf of the
institution, and after consulting with law enforcement, students,
staff, and faculty of the institution, may adopt written rules or
regulations prohibiting license holders from carrying handguns on
premises owned or leased and operated by the institution, on any
grounds or building owned or leased by the institution and on which
an activity sponsored by the institution is being conducted, or on a
passenger transportation vehicle of the institution. A written rule
or regulation adopted under this subsection may remain in effect
for not more than one year after the date of adoption and may be
renewed, reenacted, or reenacted and amended by the institution
only after consultation with students, staff, and faculty of the
Which in effect will neuter the entire law as written. Schools will just ban them and we will be right back where we are now, only when we holler at our state reps to give us our freedom we will hear that they just instituted a law and that we should petition our school administrations, who will of course totally ignore us.
I just wrote the following to my state senator and his legislative assistant:

I’ve been looking over the bill (HB 972) which I believe is up for action during the special session.
And while I initially supported it, I must say I think that it will be worse than not having a bill at all. The opt-out portion basically neuters the law in total, as I said in my previous email, universities will not actually listen to law abiding gun owning, licensed concealed carriers, they will just opt out.

So it will be worse for us if this bill is passed with the opt out portion intact, that if no bill regarding concealed carry on campus were passed at all.

Please relate this to Sen. Williams for me and if possible get him to amend the bill to force at least the public universities to allow us to carry on campus.

Thank you,

I encourage you all to contact your state senatorial critters and get them to either edit this bill or to shoot it down. This is not just imperfect legislation, it is bad legislation, which I believe will short-circuit our chances of getting the effective real world ability to carry our handguns on campus in Texas for the foreseeable future.

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