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Zimmerman and Racism

July 17, 2013

So George Zimmerman was found innocent the jury to my astonishment actually applied the law correctly and justice was served.

But we are being harassed by the media and some parts of the country are being plagued by “riots” (yeah… ok we will come back to that particular work of fiction in just a second) and all of this is supposedly because of white(ish) on black RACISIM! As demonstrated by Zimmerman’s (now legally certified as righteous) shooting of the guy who was pounding his head into the concrete while trying to get his gun.


Let’s ignore for a few paragraphs the reality that all the outrage and debate surrounding this case was manufactured out of whole cloth by at least the national media, the NAACP (only liberal statists need apply) and the DNC if not the executive branch of the US government. And take a moment to examine who exactly is racist.

For subject ‘A’ we have a Mexican-American working class man worried about the quickly rising tide of crime in his neighborhood, who, to our knowledge has never used a racial epitaph in his life, certainly not on camera or audio recording.

And for subject ‘B’ we have an African-American juvenile who has witnesses and his twitter account recording him making a wide range of racist remarks and comments.

And yet because subject A has a pale complexion and subject B a darker one when A shoots B whilst B is in process of stomping a mud-hole in A’s face immediately after referring to him via a racial slur, we are supposed to just accept that A is supposed is the racist? Oh sure, right I forgot when counting your racists the whitest one always is the hating one while the darkest one is the victim.

According to this logic Zimmerman is a racist because he’s white and Martin is the victim of racial hatred because he is black.

Does anyone else see the problem here?

Who else thinks the streets would be empty and the media totally ignoring this case were it Zimmerman who had died that night and Martin brought up on murder charges? Yeah, me too. Oh Racism is going on in a big way in this case, just not between Zimmerman and Martin. The racism that is here exists in the media, the social organizers and the politicians who seek to gain from these situations by casting a light of perpetual victimhood upon the minority populations.

Now … about those “riots” it looks to me like there are two groups here. The big group is the manufactured outrage bunch set up by social organizers possibly by those within the administration but definitely associated with the DNC or unions. They are too few and too peaceful to be actual riots like the Rodney King insanity in the 90s, they are almost transparently there to give those who can the excuse to legislate their will against us because of “the voice of the people” which looks to me to be about .0001% of the population or less in any given area protesting something.

The other group is gonna be your criminals. These are the folks who are using this as an excuse to steal stuff or smash windows or what have you.
I haven’t seen any reports, even among the state run media outlets that would make me believe that there is an actual outcry in any real numbers. It’s manufactured, which means there is an agenda behind it, one which it seems is the next push against gun rights. Not against the guns themselves this time, but against our right to use them to defend ourselves. Just replace Zimmerman’s gun with a knife and play out the media response in your head.

This entire circus was manufactured. No one thought that Zimmerman had done anything but legally defend himself, right up until the President of the USA decided to get involved. And POTUS doesn’t get involved unless there is an agenda to push.

All we can do is make sure we think through what we are being told and do our own research before we believe it.

Be careful out there folks.

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