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Election Conspiracy Theory of The Day

October 19, 2016

Here’s the deal, and this is something I theorize every election cycle since they rolled out the electronic voting machines. We don’t know how the electronic voting machines are programed.


Random voting machine pic from the web

I don’t mean the screens that show the names and check boxes.

I mean there is programing in the chips on the PCB that we don’t know. It would not take many lines of code to create an algorithm that would take a random number of votes and then switch a random vote to the other side.

Totally doable at the component programing level. The algorithm could even query if the machine was in a test mode or wouldn’t activate till a certain number of votes are cast, that way it would avoid detection.

Israel programed the Stuxnet to destroy Iranian centrifuges only when they were configured in a particular way, voting machines could be the same.  The folks that complain that when they touch the screen and it doesn’t mark the location they want, or that the voting machines are deleting votes, they are just ignorant.

Poll locations keep accurate counts of voters but the votes are anonymous so moving a few votes from column “A” to column “B” before anyone sees them would work, probably not enough to swing local elections except in the closest of races, but senators and president the shift could be significant. It’s the most plausible election conspiracy theory I’ve thought of, and could be continually run for years.

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