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This Isn’t Rome

November 6, 2017

In the past 48 hours or so since the attack on the Sutherland Springs church two things have become overwhelmingly clear;  gun laws do not work to stop crazy people from doing violent things and that the only people we can count on to protect us are ourselves.

I’m going to ignore the first bit here mostly other than to say that laws don’t stop bad people from doing things, this guy broke a stack of laws deeper than his grave when he purchased those guns, the ammo to go in them, kept them, transported them, entered the church, and opened fire on innocent people.

The only thing that stopped this scumbag was an armed citizen with his own rifle. But this was after the gunman had been able to do whatever he wanted inside that church! From what I can tell, no one inside the church was able to return fire, certainly not effective fire if anyone there was armed at all!

Here’s the deal folks, you’re the only first responder you can count on to be in any situation you’re going to personally encounter, not your friends, not the EMTs, not me, and not the cops. You and you alone determine the outcome of any violent or emergency medical situation you might encounter! That responsibility is yours its part of living in a free society and it’s part of being an adult.

So carry your gun! I’m specifically talking to my fellow Christians here: If you are legally able to carry your gun to Church DO IT! And I’m talking to everyone here men and women guns are the great equalizer and women can defend their lives with a firearm as well as men can. Always every time no exceptions carry your freaking gun to Church! I don’t care if you’re not sure if Christian’s should fight back or whatever hang-up you might have with using violence to defend yourself and those around you, get off the cross use the wood to build a bridge and get over it, this isn’t Rome, you aren’t a martyr, no one will benefit if you give up, and there is no virtue to dying on your knees instead of fighting today! Decide today if you can fight, if you can’t talk to someone and work on it until you can. And get some training for the love of Pete! Guns aren’t magic, it takes skill and practice to be able to shoot a gun, especially a handgun with proficiency under pressure!

You should also carry a IFAC near or on you wherever you go, bleeding sucks and you should be able to fix it if it happens to you! Carry a spare cause sometimes more than one person starts bleeding. You’re going to need training here too and make sure it’s good because it’s more likely you’re going to need your IFAC than your gun.

Prepare yourself and your church to fight to defend yourselves from whatever threats may come. This isn’t Rome and we’re not under persecution these people who will attack churches in America today are simply crazy and aren’t even close to the same thing as what the Christians in the early church faced as martyrs. And just as the threat is totally different the response should also be totally different. You have a duty and responsibility to yourself and to your brothers and sisters in Christ around you at church to be ready to be the first responder to any event that may arise.


Get your gun, get your license, get your training, and carry the dang thing!

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  1. Sheryl Muller permalink
    December 4, 2017 3:39 pm

    Amen. Preach it!!! You are so right!!!

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