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Things that matter

For life to mean anything there must be content within life that is of substance, we refer to those things; ideas, actions, beliefs, as things that matter.

Within the pages and bytes and bits of this website, we seek to discuss and affect those things that matter in all our lives whether we know it or not, for if you dig deep enough down through the ideologies, and the belief structures to the very core of life, you find that it all hinges on God, Guns and Politics.

God is of course the ultimate end and beginning, what you believe about God determines your core morals, divides or unites your family, even determines who you bring into that family. The thoughts and ideas one has regarding God establishes the center and core of your whole being and life, and through that belief, everything is seen.

Politics are brutal, nasty, ugly and if you desire a free life for yourself and yours, it is a necessity that you delve into and try to move the politics of your nation. Because politics drives your nation, it drives every external influence into your life, from the car you drive and how fast you drive that car to the number of children you have and what they grow up being taught, even in many nations what you can and cannot believe about God. As God and our view of God moves us from within, Politics confines and controls us from without.

Guns are seemingly simply inanimate objects, which are controlled by our politics and religious views, but really those regulations simply alter how we use our guns. But it is the gun’s place as the final barrier that stands between despotism and tyranny and the free people of a nation, of our nation. To that end, the gun serves not as a political subject to be debated and argued about, but rather as a fellow corner stone with God and Politics. Because without our guns, we are without recourse against our politicians, or any other oppressor seeking to enslave our minds and bodies; as God frees hearts, Guns free people.

So we invite you to come along with us as we explore these things that matter, and work to keep our wonderful nation the shining city on a hill that it has been for more than 200 years.

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  1. December 7, 2011 8:31 am

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    Semper Fi

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